Thursday, April 28, 2011

To dear Jerry, - with love from Tom

Seventeen years ago, today, an excited girl with a curly head had gone to get herself a doll. That’s what she had been promised. A doll that she wanted to take to school along with her, to show off to her friends (Naivety of a 6 year old) :)

Back then, she didn’t know that her doll, her sister, was going to be more than a playmate for her. She didn’t know that the kid was going to be her life and soul. More like her own kid, than a sister.

Now, the kid's all grown up and is just a year short of adulthood. And I feel like awww, she has grown up too fast. I wish she could stay the mushroom headed tiny little thing that she was, forever. I am not even out of the habit of calling her 'baby' yet, and she has shot up an inch over me!!

But again, I am not sorry that you have grown up to be what you are. My friend. My confidante. My soulmate. And also the best(est) sister in the world.

You have always been there through my daily ups and downs and my oscillating mood swings, my temper-trums, my moments of ecstasy and my normal silliness. I love the way we complement each other, just like day and night. Had you been a "similar someone", life would have been rather boring. It’s nice to disagree on everything the other person says, and to like the same things and then fight over who gets it. Its fun to sneak into each other’s cupboards for clothes, though messing it up isn’t. How wonderful it feels to sing at the top of our lungs to songs that we like, even if ma-pa say that we sound like wolves howling. I love the silly talks that we have in our funny hindi-english-gujarati mix of a language, and when we giggle over the phone for nothing. It makes you feel so special when your sister fights with her best friend just because she dared to say something nasty about you. And it’s cool when all her friends know you, and all your friends know her, and then you go around hating their best friends out of sheer possessiveness. I love the hug that you give me every day when I get back from work. And I love making everybody else wait for my attention while I am busy showering it upon you. I love all the sister's-day-out(s) that we have, because it’s so much fun to do things together. I love spoiling you, even though I maybe the person who complains the most about you being a spoilt brat! :D

In short, I love you!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday nannu!!


  1. Super.....Million Likes TOM...:p Happy Birthday JERRY....:p

  2. Very Cute Pic Teni :) :)

    One of the best birthday wishes I have ever read. :D

  3. Awww.....i so totally love this..!!...this is soooo super cute ♥...infact its just those things that i have always wanted to tell u (that last paragraph)