Monday, November 7, 2011

Hooked, Booked and Cooked

I have been known to be a rebel at heart and I think I have the capacity to shock and surprise people by the kind of things I do. Unpredictable!

So, when most people of my age and above have been searching for ways to escape marriages, I decided to go headlong into it. I think I am a rare case who decided to take a step towards tying the knot by preference than by pressure. Now, don’t mistake me here. I am nothing like the Geet of ‘Jab We Met’ jise shaadi karne ka bada shauk hai. I am a(n) (ab)normal girl who is scared of the ‘M’ word as much as any other girl, and in fact more so given to my tom boyishness. It freaks me out. And I have never felt more like running away than now, since the time I committed myself to it. Go ahead; ask me, what’s keeping me chained up when I have nobody urging me into it?

Love. What else can?

A complete believer of love. Not-so-romantic at heart. More practical than emotional and yet head over heels in love with the Guy. This is not a story of a girl who found the man of her dreams. She couldn’t have, you see, because she never dreamt about things like that. She dreamt of words that would be whispered to her, of the colors that her life would be filled with, of music, of laughter, of warmth and love. And those are the dreams that this Guy so easily fulfills, that I don’t have anything more to ask for. I am a bloody opportunist, I don’t let good things go, I fight my right for them! ;) And that is exactly what I did.