Wednesday, September 5, 2012

But, I am only 24

When somebody in office hits on you, that too when you have been too busy to look at the mirror for months, it is a reminder of sorts. It reminds you that you are still young, and that people still find you attractive. It is also a realization, that when people don’t know that you are married, they are more open and generous with their compliments and attention.

I was amused that it happened, again. Off-course, there were people in office who flirted, but that kind of got into control once I declared I was engaged. And once I got married, it just stopped. Period.

There is something with Indian men; they somehow equate complimenting with flirting. Maybe, it’s because of our culture or rather what we call as culture (but that’s a different track altogether, another post, another day, hopefully soon).

But, the point remains, that men stop complimenting women once they become out of reach, so to say.

It is very hard to come by a:

You look wonderful.


That dress makes you look hot.

Or even a simple


And that is why we, women, become more and more awkward with accepting compliments gracefully. Oh! But the joy of knowing that you can still make people turn their heads is something. To hell with asking your partner, “How do I look?”

Bask in the warmth of a compliment not fished for, one that is bestowed unexpectedly, oh ladies. Bask in it.

I had forgotten I am only 24, till somebody tried hitting on me. Marriage with all its pretending-to-be-grown-up, kind of makes you forget that. And 24 is definitely a young place to be :D

Twice in two days and I am on a high! Yay!