Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One in a Lakh!!

There is nothing normal about me. I should have known!

A very normal homo sapien has a set of 32 teeth. Then there is a category of a huge mass of slightly abnormal people whose milk teeth refuse detach or fall off as they are are normally supposed to, and then people end up having 2 permanent incisors instead of one. These kind of teeth are called mesiodens. They are the most common kind of supernumerary teeth, so not a very rare abnormality, I would say.

Next is the category of the very abnormal people. People like me. People who have the rarest kind of supernumerary tooth, the paramolar. Lets make that plural - teeth, because I have (or rather, had) two of those.(= 34 teeth) BTW, The paramolar is the extra tooth that grows beyond your wisdom tooth.

I had to get one of them plucked out because of the discomfort it was causing. A shot of local anesthesia. 2 mins by the watch. And out came the tooth on a wad of cotton. (= 33 teeth. I am still abnormal :P) The doc gave me the tooth for safe-keeping, saying its a rare thing to have. I threw it in the dustbin after coming home though. 1) Because it didnt look like my tooth. 2) I didnt know what I would do keepig it. Show it to people who came visitig me? :O :/

But, I have never felt this happy after visiting the dentist! Mind you, he knocked out my tooth and it did hurt after the anesthesia wore off. But the joy of being scientifically proved as a 'One in a Lakh' people is something!!! :P :P :P


  1. Ms.OneInLakh...Very funny post :)

    Btw, Tu to bokhi thai rahi che ? :P

  2. :)

    Naa.. vadhare daant ugadvani jagya kari rahi chu :P

  3. this is called as " dhod dhahi" i.e. oversmart
    when you have an additional tooth. you had 2 additional so you were " double dhahi " and back to normal over smart catagory. :P