Thursday, January 5, 2012

Did you know - Love can make your Roti's go round ?

Somebody was right when somebody said that love makes the world go round. :)

It does make mine go round. Sometimes it is because it makes me swoon when I am in his arms, sometimes because it’s a roller-coaster ride of emotions, one changing to another before I can figure out how exactly I feel, sometimes because time goes by very quickly..

But, did you know that Love can make your chapatis go round too :D

I don’t mean round as in when you roll them out from the dough. I mean round as in when they blow up like a perfect balloon on the pan (without putting them in the fire). 3 days of cooking, and not one parantha gone wrong. All of them bloated up perfectly without losing heart half way. Yay!! Why is it a big thing? I have known how to make rotis/paranthas atleast for about 4-5 years now. Getting the shape right is child’s play, but getting them to bloat up like mums’ is a BIG thing. Never till date have ALL my rotis made in a single batch bloated up perfectly. Some would. Some would just pretend to and then deflate midway.

It’s a record made, rotis made in 6 batches in the last 3 days, have all looked like this:

*Joey dance* :D

And that's me making the Paranthas:

I am so proud of myself :)