Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Smiles are contagious :)

A few days back, I was observing this guy who works at the Food Court in my office. Walking from one end of the FC to a spot close to where I was seated, a spring in his step, a huge smile plastered on his face, nodding at and patting every single person he saw. This chap looked like he was bursting with happiness and just wanted somebody to share it with. His smile was contagious, and it had many of us smiling back at him though he wasn’t even smiling at us. :) I was curious about what made him so happy. Every other person I could see around me was either cribbing about work or the heat. So, I wondered what had tickled this guy.

I turned back, hoping to catch the conversation between him and his friend, only to realize that the man used sign language to speak. He is a mute. It hit me hard. If only the man could speak, I know that words would be pouring out of him in an incessant chatter. And yet, his disability didn’t seem to hinder his way of expression. He had a rather animated conversation with his friend, and left a lot more people smiling. I wasn’t the only one observing. :)

And today, I saw the chap again. His smile is his best attire, and he is always dressed in his best. That one genuine smile from a complete stranger can make you forget your worries, even if it is a momentary feeling. I think a lot of people here in office, owe him one for making their day.

Kudos to you dude!

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